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  The mainboard is one of the most basic and most important components of the device.Generally it is rectangular circuit board with BIOS chip, I/O control chip,keyboard and panel control switch interface indicator lamp connector, expansion slot, motherboard and DC power supply connector of the plug and other elements.

    As one of the leading company in AI & IoT field, Bunnytouch pays attention to product quality and technical support.It is committed to enable customers to reduce R&D costs, reduce design difficulities, shorten the development circle and make products quickly appear on the market. It is the preferred enterprise for motherboard customization.


Software refers to computer programs, procedures and rules related to computer system operation, as well as possible files, documents and data. Software permeates a lot of mental work people's logical thinking, intelligent activities and technical level are the key to software, Bunnytouch’s headquater locating in the capital of China Beijing has been working on this field for more than 13 years, with 10 people in R&D department, different muture and stable creative softwares, such as CMS software,AI face identification, access control system, conference room and class room appointment system,different management system,etc.

Terminal Hardware

Branch office of Bunnytouch locates in Shenzhen City of China, it is the hardware manufacturing base realted to lcd or led screen,including advertising player, digital signage,interactive kiosk,queue management,lcd monitor with NFC,QR code, Bar code, ID card reader,camera and other equipments;

Bunnytouch integrates hardware and software into one, it is committed to offer the whole solution to our clients in different applications such as schools,corporations,government department,transportation,Religion,control room, commercial industries,etc.

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In the past 13 years R & D, Bunny Touch have created a new generation of AI platform and AIoT that integrated with computing, computing power and data with our industry leading team. In the field of digital media and smart control. Through various information sensors, radio frequency identification technology, global positioning system, infrared sensors, laser scanners and other devices and technologies, real-time collection of any objects or processes that need to be monitored, connected, and interacted. we have achieved many patents. Presently, we have constructed complete solutions that including software and hardware which integrated with other advanced technologies.



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High-quality R&D and Production Team.

There are more than 10 people in R&D department with 13 years experience, muture and stable CMS software, monitoring system, access control system,conference appointment system,etc.

Flexible Solution

Hardware, software,Intelligent Android box and motherboard, we also offer OEM service to our clients including the hardware and software;

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We have professional service sites in different countries, such as Sweden, America, Japan,etc. offer pre-sales, after sales solution 24 hours 7 days;

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